The City of Talladega, Alabama


Results of RunOff - Results of Regular Election

Registered Voter List

ELECTION 2019 -  Candidates - Ballot

Polling sites open at 7am and will close at 7pm


        Jerry Gene Cooper, Sr.

        Vann Caldwell

        Paul Ledbetter

        Jennifer White

        Timothy Ragland

        Katie Campbell


Ward 1 Polling Site - B.N. Mabra Recreation Ctr.


         Horace L. Patterson                   

         Rodger Gunter

         Dudley Gail Montgomery

         Board of Education

         Sandra M. Beavers

         Dixie M. Bonner


Ward 2 Polling Site - Brecon Recreation Ctr.


                Vickey Robinson Hall

                John Kidd

                Duryea (Dewey) Truss


 Ward 3 Polling Site Spring Street Rec. Ctr.


                David Street

                Tom Lutchendorf

                Joseph K. Power, Jr.

        Board of Education

                Jake Montgomery

                Angela D. Estelle


 Ward 4 Polling Site - Spring Street Rec. Ctr.


                Ricky Simpson

                Amy M. Calhoun-Bishop

                Betty C. Spratlin


Ward 5 Polling Site Bemiston Recreation Ctr.


                Joseph C. Ballow

                Howard Williams (Trae)

                Curtis Holman

                Travis Ford

        Board of Education

                James Braswell

                Susan Slaughter Gaskin