The City of Talladega, Alabama


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide citizens with competent fire suppression.  It’s achieved by working safely and protecting the community from fires and other hazardous predicaments, within the scope of our resources.  We’re dedicated to keeping our coverage area safe and secure while displaying core values as first responders.


Core Values guide our behavior:


·         Honor

      We act in accordance with noble traditions of our profession.  We honor those that sacrificed their lives by working to improve safety and service.


·         Loyalty

Quality of being faithful to someone or something.


·         Integrity

We are honest, forthright and loyal in communicating and public activities.  We treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


·         Compassion

We achieve our mission because of sympathy for those in distress and addressing

their need of service.


·         Teamwork

We bring skills and experience yet we are better together. We depend on each other to achieve our goal.


·         Commitment

Dedicated to a cause, activity and department endeavors.


·         Professionalism

We uphold our image by appearance and performance.  Fire service is advanced with education, knowledge and professional development.