Habitat for Humanity of Talladega, Inc.

P. O. Drawer 35, Talladega, Alabama 35161

What Is Habitat?

Habitat for Humanity of Talladega, Inc. is a member of an International Christian organization which works to provide decent housing for people in need. Habitat is based on the premise that people need capital, not charity, to purchase or upgrade their housing. It is one of over 200 such programs in this country. There are over 50 national organizations worldwide. Families who qualify purchase their home at cost (interest free!). They pay the purchase price back over a 20-year period. Since many materials and services are donated, the cost of a Habitat home is lower than conventional housing.

Habitat for Humanity Application Form (pdf)

How Does Your Family Qualify?

Families are chosen by a family selection committee. To qualify, the families:

  • Must be willing to work/build on their own house and also be willing to help build other Habitat homes.
  • Have a stable income and credit history and be able to make small monthly house payments.
  • Should not be in bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13).
  • Should not qualify for a conventional loan.
  • Must be willing to rent the home for a short period of time, while the construction costs are totaled and the price of the house decided. All rent is applied to the house.
  • Must be willing to live in a racially mixed neighborhood.
  • Must be planning to make Talladega a permanent residence

Building Decent Homes in Decent Neighborhoods In Partnersip with God's People in Need.