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Talladega employees attend  Alabama Women Leading Government Conference

Talladega employees attend Alabama Women Leading Government Conference

(Talladega, AL) A dynamic team of employees from the City of Talladega attended the 4th annual Alabama Women Leading Government Conference. “Connect HER: Putting the Pieces Together” was the theme of this year’s conference, which was held in Pelham, Alabama. 

The event allowed participants to make meaningful connections with women representing approximately 22 local governments. 

City of Talladega employees in attendance included Water and Sewer Department Director Cathy Fuller, Public Works Director Karen Phillips, HR Director Tanna Falkner, Administrative Assistant Aubrey Lackey, HR Administrative Assistant Marissa Comeaux, Administrative Assistant Andrea Garrett, City Clerk Joanna Medlen, Purchasing Director Renae Blackburn, and Finance Director Shaneeka Phillips.

“I have been attending the Alabama Women Leading Government conference since its inception.  I always enjoy myself and I alway learn something new.  Most of all, the information and insight I gain at the conference helps me to better serve our community,” said City Clerk Joanna Medlen. “I had an opportunity to network with and discuss best practices with another city clerk. I also attended several enlightening workshops.”

“One session I attended focused on balancing your personal life and your professional life, which is a critical issue for working women. Another session addressed working with different generations. It helped me to better understand younger workers,” Medlen added.  “While millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers might all have somewhat different perspectives about work, there are certain concepts that most of us would agree upon.  Members of the younger generation, on the other hand, often have a totally different point of view. The workshop helped participants to be more open minded and better understand a perspective about work that is new and different.”

City Manager Seddrick Hill Sr. said, “We are fortunate to have so many employees who are committed to honing their skills, networking and establishing partnerships that will help the City of Talladega to better serve our citizens.”